Friday, September 4, 2009

Thorn is out, freetude idea 12, freedom ideas

Most of us have a thorn in the heart. The thorn is an unhealed wound. It hurts, sometimes more, sometimes less, yet it is always there. Today my thorn hurts.

My thorn is the feeling that I deserve an opportunity which I am not allowed access.... Given may not the right word... Hard work, results ($ millions "out of the box solutions"), social-environmental responsibility, kindness, entrepreneurship... Even great swimmers drown, when swimming against the tide.

Metaphorical summary:

Today there was a party is the castle and Cinderella was not invited. Her helpers were invited. All others were invited too. She was not. There was a big sign: outliers keep out. Besides, her vision would not match the party's vision. Also, she had a long list of chores...

Cinderella asked: why not me?

Suddenly she realized that all the rejections had made her a different person.
She read more, thought more, studied more, learned more, wrote more, and made more friends... She became a more complete being.

She concluded:
Gains: sensitiveness, perseverance, and courage.
Losses: the fat cat attitude.

So Cinderella smiled! Deep inside, she did not want to go to the party. She put on her crimson dress and took the old thorn out... It was about time! Furthermore after the party, there could be a looser party, which would be contagious... Cinderella smiled and flew away...

Idea of the day: Take out the old thorns. One by one. That is Freedom!

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