Saturday, August 29, 2009

Knowing what we want is the beginning of its achievement, freetude idea 6 a, freedom attitude

Idea: Make a paint party (10,000 kids). The gift has to be green, healthy and positive. Maybe a big resurrection of chinese jump rope with cool designs and green appeals. 

Knowing what we want is the beginning of its achievement.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Love that brings shades and shines - freetude 5

Love that brings shades and shines

Love that brings deeper fantasies.
Love that unifies the duality of slavery and freedom.
Love that makes us feel alive even when our heart cries.
Love that is thirsty and hungry.
Love that satisfies the soul.
Love that makes us crazy and sane.
Love that hurts.
Love that heals.
Love that doesn't leave.
Love that cannot be tamed.
Love that cannot forget nor pass.
Love that brings shades and shines.
Love that just wants more love.
The idea of the day is to celebrate love.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I want to be 21, freetude idea 4

Today I missed being 21...
Time is not to be measured. It is to be enjoyed.
However, I miss that feeling of freshness. The expectation that the best is ahead.
Time is the most precious gift. So it is time to see poetry in ordinary, art in nature, love in people...
Id like to have time for everything and for nothing... Specially for nothing.

Time to juggle the beautiful balance of dreams, desires, and doubts.
Time to use every drop of soul.

So the idea of the day is fresh.
How about acai berry stands all over the US (like the ones in Brazil)? Acai is a fruit that grows on the Brazilian wild tree, it is used for nutritive support as an antioxidant. The newest franchise: acai solo. People can come to eat acai. Simple and delicious for kids. Health and cool for us... just above 21... on the outside... 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I may need longer wings - freetude idea 3

Ignored in smallville... just wanted to have the opportunity to contribute... my solution could save a substantial amount. So... they cut my wings... but they insist on keep growing... Just in different directions...

Idea of the day: I wrote a kids' book last week. Its about the relationship of a girl and the clouds...could become a writer for children... may need longer wings to get a publisher...

First pages of my book:

Green Children of the Blue Sky

The sky smiled.
There she was: the little girl.
The little girl looked at the sky.
The sky blushed.
The little girl smiled.
The sky blew the winds to rearrange its clouds.
The little girl realized that enchantment was about to happen.
The sky made puppies from its whitest clouds.
The little girl’s imagination was even faster...
She saw penguins and kangaroos… Flamingos and Chipmunks… Canaries and love bugs…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A tribute to Dinha, freetude idea 2, freedom attitude

In my home town, Salvador, Brazil, you can never feel lonely.
But if you do, just take a 5 minute walk and eat a delicious acaraje.

Acaraje: the dough is made with mashed beans, deep-fried in dendĂȘ oil and stuffed with a shrimp sauce, hot peppers, and onion-tomato vinaigrette

Everywhere you go in Salvador you'll see Baianas, women dressed in the traditional white hoop skirt, lace blouse, and turban sitting behind big cooking pots serving up acarajes.

Anyway, I'd like to pay tribute to someone that lived freely... Her name is Dinha.
Dinha was considered the queen of all acarajes. She started working at the age of 7. She had her own business at the age of 10. She served hundreds of clients a day at her food stand, which became one of the most popular restaurants in town. She kept an impeccable quality of food and service. She died last year and her daughter continues the tradition.

Idea of the day: Idea 2: Definitions of freedom... Freedom is... The cartoon characters could even be the little man and woman from "love is...". They were cute...
... freedom to wait, to act, to leave, to stay, to dream...

Monday, August 24, 2009

155 Ideas to Freedom

Life must be fun.

Wake up in the morning and feel true to yourself...
Got a gift of creativity...
But... What kind of freedom am I searching?

Freedom to do something that I love... and that is genuinely good...
So I'll write about 155 ideas to freedom... to pursue one at the end...

Idea of today = start this blog... the poet and the entrepreneur that live and fight within me.