Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I may need longer wings - freetude idea 3

Ignored in smallville... just wanted to have the opportunity to contribute... my solution could save a substantial amount. So... they cut my wings... but they insist on keep growing... Just in different directions...

Idea of the day: I wrote a kids' book last week. Its about the relationship of a girl and the clouds...could become a writer for children... may need longer wings to get a publisher...

First pages of my book:

Green Children of the Blue Sky

The sky smiled.
There she was: the little girl.
The little girl looked at the sky.
The sky blushed.
The little girl smiled.
The sky blew the winds to rearrange its clouds.
The little girl realized that enchantment was about to happen.
The sky made puppies from its whitest clouds.
The little girl’s imagination was even faster...
She saw penguins and kangaroos… Flamingos and Chipmunks… Canaries and love bugs…

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