Thursday, August 27, 2009

I want to be 21, freetude idea 4

Today I missed being 21...
Time is not to be measured. It is to be enjoyed.
However, I miss that feeling of freshness. The expectation that the best is ahead.
Time is the most precious gift. So it is time to see poetry in ordinary, art in nature, love in people...
Id like to have time for everything and for nothing... Specially for nothing.

Time to juggle the beautiful balance of dreams, desires, and doubts.
Time to use every drop of soul.

So the idea of the day is fresh.
How about acai berry stands all over the US (like the ones in Brazil)? Acai is a fruit that grows on the Brazilian wild tree, it is used for nutritive support as an antioxidant. The newest franchise: acai solo. People can come to eat acai. Simple and delicious for kids. Health and cool for us... just above 21... on the outside... 

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