Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The perfect twin, freetude idea 9, freedom attitude

Today, I wished to have the perfect twin. Someone to take my place when I'm not in...
So I found a great song by Barbra Streisand:

I want to learn what life is for. I don't want much, I just want more.
Ask what I want and I will sing. I want everything.
I'd cure the cold and the traffic jam. If there were floods, I'd give a damn.
I'd never sleep... I'd like to plan a city... Move into the White House, paint it yellow.
Speak Portuguese and Dutch.
And if it's not too much,
I'd like to have the perfect twin.
And one who'd go out as I come in...
I'm like a child who's set free. At the fun fair, every ride invites me and it's unfair saying that I only get my one share. Doesn't seem just I could live as I must.
If they'd give me the time to turn the tide.

Idea of the day: a website that finds a song for someone you love. You just fill out some key words, select the style, and it provides you with a list of songs to choose.

Risking adds to life, freetude idea 8, freedom attitude

Today is Monday. We are all ready to start a predictable week.
So let's change it a bit. Let's get set for an unusual week.
Let's say yes to something that we would normally say no.
Life has more meaning by taking risks. The heart accelerates, the mind sharpens, the ideas pop, the temperature rises.
Facing and beating risks adds seasoning to life.
Risking balances luck and courage.
So the idea of the day is to feel lucky and to have the courage to welcome risks. Even in baby steps, such as: painting a picture, making a new friend, donating to an inspiring cause or just taking a little time to learn a new word. Word of the day: crimson.
Crimson is a strong, bright, deep red color combined with some blue, resulting in a tiny degree of purple.
For a purplish week.

Stay in heaven or explore the unknown, freetude idea 7, freedom attitude

When I was a little kid in Brazil, I felt an invisible camera filming my life. As I was part of a movie, in which everyone must have a happy ending.
I talked to my imaginary friends and played with my real friends.
I did not know the definition of justice, however my heart believed that it would always prevail. Any hurt would pass, happiness would arrive.
There was a silent wisdom.
There was something to learn that I would need in the future.
My favorite toy was my grandmother's porcelain angels. They were beautiful. Each one had a different color which allowed me to create their personalities.
The red one was really naughty. He wasn't sure if to stay in heaven or to explore the unknown. He was open minded... different... my favorite...
The porcelain angels seemed so alive that I could hear their whisper.
Today they whispered idea 7: make the chinese jump rope a bracelet.