Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A tribute to Dinha, freetude idea 2, freedom attitude

In my home town, Salvador, Brazil, you can never feel lonely.
But if you do, just take a 5 minute walk and eat a delicious acaraje.

Acaraje: the dough is made with mashed beans, deep-fried in dend√™ oil and stuffed with a shrimp sauce, hot peppers, and onion-tomato vinaigrette

Everywhere you go in Salvador you'll see Baianas, women dressed in the traditional white hoop skirt, lace blouse, and turban sitting behind big cooking pots serving up acarajes.

Anyway, I'd like to pay tribute to someone that lived freely... Her name is Dinha.
Dinha was considered the queen of all acarajes. She started working at the age of 7. She had her own business at the age of 10. She served hundreds of clients a day at her food stand, which became one of the most popular restaurants in town. She kept an impeccable quality of food and service. She died last year and her daughter continues the tradition.

Idea of the day: Idea 2: Definitions of freedom... Freedom is... The cartoon characters could even be the little man and woman from "love is...". They were cute...
... freedom to wait, to act, to leave, to stay, to dream...


  1. I love what you are doing here. To many of us just bitch about how are life sucks because we don't have what makes us happy (or we think we need to make us happy). This blog is a great way to stop wishing and start doing. I hope it breaks those chains of Albatroz and you find the freedom you are looking for. Hopefully by following this blog with you we all can also break our chains from Albatroz and find it too! Good Luck!

  2. Thank you. As in story 6, knowing what we want is the beginning of its achievement. We will find the way to freedom. It's just a question of time. The message is already inside the bottle and the boats are coming...